Windows 10 Pro X64 & Extra SuperSlim [19043.1266] Pre-activated

Version: Windows 10 Pro
OS build: 19043.1266
Arch: x64
Compression: esd
Language: English language during installation (you can add your lanugage after)
File Size: 1.38GB
Author: Jerry_Xristos
Treatment: windows are activated (activator included at desktop folder just in case)
Windows updates are working BUT not upgradable (cumulative update)

This build is for advanced users
This build is ripped to the bone, its made like this to give life on old PC’S (and in new ones of course)
Tested first in a VM and don’t start complaining if something doesn’t work
You might need a Driver update software in order to updates some drivers

*** The only thing you have to do during installation is to choose in which HDD you want to install it, all the other option are skipped ***

Spoiler: Removed Components
All windows bloatware
Action center
Application compatibility
ActiveX Installer Service
Agent Activation Runtime
AllJoyn Router Service
Application Virtualization
BitLocker Drive Encryption
BranchCache Client
Cache and temp files
Camera Frame Server
Contact Data
Cellular Time
Character Map
Clipboard User Service
Cloud Notifications
Collaboration Data Objects for Windows
COM+ API – 32 bit
Connected Devices Platform Service
Data Center Bridging
Data Usage service
Device Experience
Device Center
Device Guard
Device Lockdown (Embedded Experience)
Disk Cleanup
Disk Defragmenter
Disk failure diagnostics
Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
Display Enhancement Service
Display Switch
DNS Client
Dolby Atmos codec pack
DVD Play
Ease Of Access Themes
Easy transfer
Enhanced Storage
Enterprise Data Protection
Exchange ActiveSync
Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)
Face Recognition
Fax from printing
File Explorer – 32 bit
File history
File Picker UI Host – 32 bit
File Server Resource Manager
Font previewer – 32 bit
Floppy disk
Game Explorer
Hyper-V Guest
Help file support
Identity Protection Technology (Intel IPT)
Input method editor
Input Service (CTFMON) – 32 bit
Intel Indeo Codecs
Internet Exlporer
iSCSI Initiator
One drive
Other Themes
On-Screen Keyboard (Tablet PC)
Payments and NFC/SE Manager
Peer Networking
Performance CMD Tools for Tracing
Performance Monitor
Phone Service
Photo codec – 32 bit
Photo Viewer – 32 bit
Picture password
PIN sign-in support
Point of Service (POS)
Portable Device Enumerator Service
Print to PDF
Print Workflow Service
Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support
Kerberos Client – 32 bit
Kernel Debugging
Location Service
Map Control
Manual setup
Media Streaming
Messaging Service
Microsoft Data Access Components
Microsoft Edge
Modern App support – 32 bit
Mobile Device Management
Mouse Pointers
MultiPoint Connector
Natural Authentication
NDIS Packet Capturing
Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol
Network Explorer
Networking Background Transfer
NFS Administrative Tools
Retail demo Content
Remote Access (all)
Remote Desktop Client
Rights Management support
Rich Text Edit Control
Security Center
Send To Mail and Desktop
Setting Sync
Snipping Tool
Share Media Control Panel
Shared PC mode
Skype ORTC
Some fonts are missing
Speech recognition
Speech TTS
Spell Checking
System Reset
Snipping Tool
Spatial Sound (3D Audio)
Speech TTS
Speech Recognition
Sound Themes
SMB v2 – Server
Static Font Cache
Steps Recorder
Storage Quality of Service (Storage QoS)
Sync Center
System Guard
System Reset for Windows
System Restore
System Configuration tool (MSConfig)
Storage Spaces
Quiet Hours (Focus Assist)
WinSXS folder is cleared
Windows biometric services
Webcam Experience
Windows AI Machine Learning
Windows Animation Manager
Windows Audit
Windows Backup
Windows Disc Image Burning Tool
Windows Help content
Windows Insider Hub
Windows Management Instrumentation Tools
Windows Media Player
Windows Mixed Reality
Windows Performance Recorder
Windows Push Notifications Service
Windows Reader (PDF)
Windows Mixed Reality
Windows PushToInstall Service
Windows Remote Management
Windows Subsystem for Linux
Windows TIFF IFilter (OCR)
Windows To Go
Windows Web App (WWA) Host
Wired AutoConfig
WMP Network Sharing Service
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
Windows Provisioning
Windows User Interface (TWINUI)
WWAN AutoConfig
Tablet PC
Task Scheduler – 32 bit
Taskbar popups (PC Shell ‘Tray Flyouts’)
Telnet Client
Text Services Framework – 32 bit
Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
TV Tuner codecs
User Data Access
User Device Registration
Virtual Private Network (VPN) support
Virtual Smart Card
Volume Shadow Copy
Zip & Cab folder
Some fonts are gone
Some drivers are gone
and few more………..

Spoiler: Tweaks
Paper theme added
Dark mode for apps enabled
Dark mode for windows enabled
Auto play is disabled
Ballon notifications is disabled
CD burning features is disabled
Command prompt in directory shift + right click context menu
Open file explorer to THIS PC
Quick access is disabled
Experimentetion is disabled
Location services is disabled
Show accent color on active title bars
Show me windows welcome experience after updates
Show people on the taskbar
Feedback frequency is disabled
Photo viewer is restored
UAC disabled
Allow apps access (all) is disabled
Automatic installation of sponsored app is disabled
Automatically connect to hotspots is disabled
Clipboard history is disabled
Cortan (all) is disabled
Let apps use other devices open apps and continue experiences is disabled
Let apps use user advertising ID is disabled
Let microsoft provide more tailored experiences is disabled
Let winodws collect my activities for this pc is disabled
Let run apps at the background is disabled
Let windows track app launched to improve start and search results
Let windows track opened documents to populate jump lists
Send microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing is disabled
Bing web results is disabled
Shell bags is disabled
Get tips and suggestions as you use windows is disabled
Meet now taskbar widget is disabled
News and interests are disabled
Quiet hours is disabled
Windows collect my activities from this pc (timeline) is disabled
Telemetry is disabled
and much more tweaks have been applied for better performance

Spoiler: Registry Tweaks
added personalize to context menu (you can change your themes from there)
added windows mode to context menu
added safe mode to context menu
added PowerShell to Context Menu
added App Mode to desktop context menu
added Open command window here as administrator
added Computer Management to Desktop Context Menu
added Control Panel to desktop context menu
added Grant admin full control to context menu
added Take Ownership to context menu
added System Tools to desktop context menu

Programs added:
Mozilla Firefox
System files are patched for applying your themes
Oldnewexplorer is located at desktop folder in case you need






Windows 10 Pro X64 & Extra SuperSlim [19043.1266] Pre-activated


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