Skripsi Manajemen Pengendalian Risiko Bisnis Kuliner


Ilham ,Mohammad 2021 : Management Of Culinary Business Risk Control (Studyof Culinary Business Risk Control inEnvironment Islamic Boarding House Of Zainul Hasan Genggong )
Skripsi.Program Study Of Economy Syariah Fakulty of Economicand Business Islam Universitas Zainul Hasan Genggong.Lecturer Of guide(I) Dr. Abd.Aziz,M.g. Pembimbing (II) Zahida I’soma Billah,M.E.

Keywords: Risk control, culinary business,

The focus of the research in this thesis is: (1) What is risks occur in culinary business in Enviroment Islamic Boarding House Of Zainul Hasan ? (2) How is the Control of Culinary Business Risksin Enviroment Islamic Boarding House Of Zainul Hasan?
The research method used is a qualitative approach. Determination of research subjects using purposive techniques, while data collection methods using methods of observation, interviews and documentation. Data analysis method uses descriptive analysis. Data validity method uses source triangulation.
The conclusions of this study are: In running a culinary business there are several risks that occur, namely the number of competitors culinary business with a type of business similar to their business, and also the most significant is the decline in income when the Islamic Boarding House Of Zainul Hasanentered a long vacation. So that the culinary business owners take steps which include making new innovations to open a business. Controlling culinary business risks in, when Islamic Boarding House Of Zainul Hasanis off, culinary business owners conduct additional business activities in which the general consumers include: opening a mini POM, opening The Store , and farming or planting. So this is what the culinary business owner can get income atIslamic Boarding House Of Zainul Hasanget vacation.

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